Are we really looking forward to using “zero-emissions” vehicles?

After decades of unconsciousness now, we have been suddenly talking about pollution. Well we are so much interested about pollution from automobiles. Yes, emission norms have improved over the years with excellent engineering and growing technology. But the reality is, pollution in automobiles is almost inevitable. I am referring to those automobiles which run on fossil fuels, namely the “sweet-smelling” Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene etc.

Fossil fuels are generated naturally from the decaying of dead animal and plant matter buried under the earth’s surface for millions of years. These fuels are made up of Hydrocarbons i.e. Compounds containing or made up of Hydrogen and Carbon atoms. For our concern, one of the most dangerous pollutants is Carbon Monoxide(CO) which has severe harmful effects on living things. This undesirable pollutant is primarily formed by burning fossil fuels. The other pollutants are SOx and NOx i.e. Oxides of Sulphur and Oxides of Nitrogen.

In spite of all these harmful effects, why are we still sticking on to the same fuel which we started using a century ago. The first reason, these fuels turned out to be a marvel for high-speed transportation and soon gained popularity over bullock carts and horse carts. Secondly, we had so much of fuel then.

Now, oil reserves are almost draining and we have very less fuel left over for the future. But still…

There are electric and hybrid vehicles, which are often referred to as the “zero-emissions” vehicles. Elon Musk, a visionary and the founder of Tesla Cars, came up with commercially successful electric cars whose performance and speed were at par with those petrol and diesel counterparts. We also have cars running on fuel-cells, bio-methane and similar alternatives. But why are not they gaining enough popularity or getting enough funding or support from the country’s government for promoting the use of these cars?

This is because, Fossil fuels are undoubtedly, one of the highest revenue generating source for any government. What not, it is the “liquid gold” that any government doesn’t want us to stop using. That is very similar to the revenue generated from selling liquor, tobacco products etc. Thus, It is ensuring that the greedy government will dig the earth till the earth stops crying the last drop of fuel.

On the contrary, Some governments have taken a different step by insanely sky-rocketing the prices of the automobiles so that they become so unaffordable for the people. That doesn’t mean the promotion of alternative fuelled cars but simply reducing the usage of fossil fuel itself by encouraging the use of public transportation.

Unfortunately or fortunately, we have very less number of people caring about pollution from automobiles. Tesla is one of the very few companies which commits to deliver zero-emissions cars. Recently, it has come up with an innovative “insanely” high speed ( faster than bullet train and faster than speed of sound ) public transportation called “Hyperloop”. Surprisingly it can be setup at a very low cost than that required for bullet trains. Seriously, this is the future we should be looking forward to…



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