Bose not only makes the best audio products, but the best suspension too!

There are many renowned manufacturers, to be mentioned Germans and Japanese, who make really good audio systems out there. Whatsoever, the one single thing which frightens the hell out of people is the “BASS” that some of those audio products scream. Sometimes that eventually leads to frustration.

But, there are always exceptions. BOSE is one such. They manufacture extremely well engineered audio products and they are not the ones obsessed with numbers on the sheet. Bose goes by “Better Sound through research” which means the audio perceived by the human ears is more important than any other parameters. All that summed up, Bose delivers the best balance of Music, bass and the best aural experience.

It is not surprising to see high tech companies venturing into different segments. But Bose has a product in automotive segment. It is simply a Suspension system but not the conventional one. This suspension is quite similar to a previously written article on “Mercedes Magic Suspension” but still the way it works is different.

Suspension usually has mechanical parts like coil springs and leafs. Through advancements, electronics have been integrated over the years but the mechanical part always remains.

In Bose’s Suspension system, there is an electromagnetic motor which does all the cushioning. It has a series of magnets and coils of wire which takes part in the extending and retracting according to the road conditions. The response to the road conditions is so quick that an electronic controller is inevitable. Various parameters are measured by multiple sensors placed at various locations in the car and a response is generated.

It becomes necessary to mention Air suspension. It may be agreed that it provides better comfort on potholes and bumps over the conventional coil springs. But all these suspensions suffer when it comes to undesirable factors like rolling and pitching.

Rolling is a phenomenon which is more likely to be caused when taking sharp turns at very high speeds.

Pitching is a phenomenon which causes a bouncing motion after encountering a bump or pothole, for a considerable amount of time.

So, Bose’s suspension just feels again like Magic. The car remains flat on the road whatever be the road condition. No rolling, pitching.

You can watch this beautiful technology in action in the video.


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