Do only the Germans care about Safety? There are others too…

We know the safest automobiles are from Germany. Really? We all might have heard that Volkswagen POLO failed the crash test miserably. Well that was an exception.

But there are manufacturers from other countries who care about safety the way it should be. Yes,VOLVO is one such manufacturer. It is not surprising, every automobile needs to pass safety tests. The only criteria being that the automobile needs to be safe for an external impact and for the human beings travelling in it.

But, in VOLVO things are different where safety for pedestrians, other vehicles and animals are also taken into account. Life in any form is precious, isn’t it?

Now, in Trucks, say large tractors and trailers, there arises a phenomenon called Jack-knifing. This phenomenon happens between the driver cabin and the trailer behind.

In case of skidding, panic braking or bad road grip, the cabin and the trailer approaches in a manner that both form an acute angle similar to a folding pocket knife. This situation is very bad and may lead to accidents, collision, loss of control of the truck and also cause damage to the other vehicles on the road.

In Volvo, a new braking system has been developed to tackle this problem and they call it “Stretch braking”. This electronic system brakes intelligently depending on the weight transfer on the sides of the vehicle so that the vehicle remains in control.

You can watch this intelligent tech in action in the video.



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