Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see almost all mechanical systems being made to work under electronics control. With no doubt, it has to be agreed that electronics has significantly improved the quality of machinery which can be constructed overcoming technical difficulties. The list of advantages offered by the electronics, at least which is being claimed is really ambitious. In spite of decades of electronics evolution, there always remains a question of reliability offered by them.

Say for example, a machine which is partially or fully controlled by electronics system is quite dangerous. A small malfunction, say a short-circuit which is quite inevitable in electrical systems, can cause a disaster in a large-scale. Losses occurring due to damage to the machine may be acceptable but not loss of life. In a recent news article, it was published that a robot had crushed an operator standing beside it due to some technical glitch in a renowned manufacturing industry.

Autonomous cars, which are extremely dependent on digital information was introduced to the public that it would be eliminating the human errors which primarily causes most of the accidents. Well, the company kept up with its word initially until the moment the car started to meet with accidents. That naturally renders the car useless for safe transportation and very difficult to implement.

A well designed mechanical system comprising kinematic links and chains, rotary and reciprocating components always behaves in a predictable manner. It is not surprising that precision components are always calibrated with the conventional mechanical components. Imagine an electronic measuring instrument has a malfunction in its IC, we get the wrong reading without we recognizing it. But a mechanical based measuring instrument may not offer high accuracy but always shows the correct reading always.

We have so many super cars now and we have had it for decades now. The influence of electronics is so much that the on board computer literally drives the car but not the human behind the steering. It has robbed all of the real and natural abilities of a vehicle achieved by pure mechanical controls. Remember Mclaren F1?

So, the bottom line is that electronics should only be used for all those activities which need assisting, ex. Power Steering, and not being given the full control over it. After all, human intervention is necessary considering the dumb electronics which has no intelligence or sixth sense.


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