Mercedes S Class Magic Suspension

Mercedes S Class is one of the most precious cars from the Benz family. It undoubtedly fits in the luxury segment and proudly continues to be the most luxurious car among the competitors, in the segment.

Of course it has to be understood it is nowhere close to what the well-known British manufacturers offer.

It has got all the tech you can’t imagine of, like the best seats, best cabin, best multimedia system and of course for what the Germans are known for, the best safety. The innovation and thinking which was put into the development of this engineering marvel is what which led to the “MAGIC BODY CONTROL”.

One can’t imagine driving a car without a suspension. It is one of the most important components which make your car grip the road.

In simple words, the tech has something to do with the electronics and the way in which suspension is controlled by it, to predict the road surface ahead and alter the suspension in a way that the vibrations are felt to the minimum inside the cabin. They claim it offers the best ride and it is what it does.

The most obvious thing which arises in the mind, whether it can work well in Indian roads (you can safely exclude the expressways). We are safe as long as the car does not frighten you. You can justify by seeing the video for yourself…


and there is also another interesting video to explain the tech. Do watch…


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