The All-time genius Mclaren F1!!!

Sometimes, it becomes compelling to reiterate well established facts. A tribute to the engineering geniuses behind the legendary McLaren F1…

The most important aim of establishing an organization, especially an automotive concern, is to make profits by selling their cars. When the customers, us, are given the right to choose the best out of the lot, it becomes inevitable for the manufacturers to deliver the best to make their product standout.

To achieve this, the engineering lends out a helping hand which eases the process. There are two types of companies: Run-of-the-mill kind and the extraordinary kind. The former is for those common people who just want the automobile to be practical enough for decent usage; The latter is for those petrol-heads and rev-heads who expect madness and intelligence from those marvels.

One such company which falls in the latter is McLaren. The British based automaker which started business about 50 years back created the all-time genius McLaren F1 about 20 years back. It was one of the finest cars ever built in the automobile history. Unlike the present cars which suffers from “Electronic Suffocation”, this is a completely mechanical driven, with no electronic bot behind the wheel robbing your skills.

In a recent video which compares the McLaren F1 and McLaren P1 reveals the McLaren F1 as a car as a visualization way ahead of the time it was built. It had the Guinness Record for the world’s fastest production car until it took years for Bugatti to beat the record. Even though the P1 is much more technologically advanced than F1 which is quite obvious, F1 remains the most likeable, ever.

There is nothing more in words to explain about F1. Well I need infinite time for that. It needs to be felt. Experience the legendary McLaren in the video below.



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