The indestructible smartphone


If I am not wrong, the first phone which felt bullet-proof was NOKIA 3310. Extreme built. It was my first phone and my favourite too. If you have used it, you know what I mean. Try to break it and you will fail.

I hate using a smartphone for a large number of reasons in spite of its never ending features. The reasons? The smartphone I am using is not a NOKIA, it has an awful battery life of few hours and all of the above, my smartphone feels like an “egg“. Does yours too?

Nowadays, every phone feels like one. Even the most expensive iPhone too. Even the ones with the “Gorilla” glass…

So, Motorola, the renowned smartphone manufacturer, came up with an ingenious product called the Moto X force or Droid Turbo 2 (in some markets) to address this “fragility” of the recent smartphones.

World’s first Shatter-proof display.

Sounds like a joke. But, seriously it isn’t. See the Moto X force in action.

Not convinced? See the moto undergoing the ultimate torture test…

Surprisingly, this phone isn’t too expensive because it is a Moto. I wish apple doesn’t make one like this using whatever expertise they have! You know, what I mean.



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