The Life Saving – Alert Strips

Reading time: 3 mins, 2 videos (Headphones suggested for the video)

Preventing accidents is a difficult task, especially of an Automobile; be it a car or any other vehicle. A lot of methods have been tried and tested to prevent and reduce accidents with varying success rates.

The first thing that strikes the mind is the “Three Point Seat Belt” which is the most widely implemented and highly successful safety device designed to effectively reduce injury from accidents.

And then followed other systems such as Airbags and ABS, which are so successful that they have almost become a standard in every four wheeler sold nowadays.

The self driving car is also likely a solution in the future, but with the disadvantage of increased complexity of electronics and high implementation cost.

What if there was an even simpler solution to address the same problem at a fraction of cost which would not benefit only a single individual but any commuter. This simple innovation called the “Alert Strips” comes for the rescue.

It is basically a continuous pattern usually laid on various positions of the road. It may be present in the extreme ends of a road or in the center line of the road or just along the road in series, similar to a speed breaker. The strips are designed in such a way that a strong vibration is felt through the steering wheel when a car travels on it.

The vibration is just enough to alert any un-attentive driver who happens to suffer from Micro-sleep or distracted by a message/call in phone. It essentially makes the driver to slow down the vehicle or just prevent them from colliding with opposing vehicles.

This innovation is almost widely implemented worldwide, with India being an exception which hasn’t made it a standard or a compulsory measure so these strips can be found only  in limited portions of highways and some parking lots.

See this in action in video:




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