Can a smartphone replace a “dedicated” camera?

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Five years back, owning a smartphone was sort of a luxury. Just because most people didn’t need it. We were so happy that our good old feature phones could provide us – internet connectivity, bluetooth and what not, a camera which can take 2 MP photographs. Wow!

Somehow manufacturers found ways to push the sales of smartphones by giving us a lot of reasons. Trends have been changed. In that process, one of the most advertised features of a smartphone from then, was the camera.

Apple is known for advertising through large banners like this.


Quite brainwashing, isn’t it?

Most of the modern smartphones now have a average camera resolution of 8MP or higher. It is highly questionable whether these so called high-res cameras are really a replacement for the dedicated cameras (Point and Shoot, DSLR).

Actually not. Because they cannot be. There are limitations. That’s why a “real” camera is much superior, yes even better than your iPhone.

There are a lot of factors which affect the quality of the image like sensor size, quality of the lens, aperture, exposure and zooming capability, to name a few of the “lot“. You name it,  a “real” camera does it better. A real camera has a larger sensor which can capture much better, a larger aperture which allows more amount of light, “intelligent” light distribution for the frame and “real” zoom.

The photo that your smartphone may look similar to that one shot from a “real” camera (like the iPhone ad above). When you zoom it, that’s when you realize it is miles away from good.

Whatsoever, there are exceptions though which can be forgiven and largely appreciated. To name a few, Nokia made a real revolution in smartphone photography with their “Pureview” series engineered by Zeiss which was followed by the “Lumia” Series. Remember Lumia 1020? Recently, we had the launch of Huawei P9 which had a camera seemingly developed by Leica.


Nokia Lumia 1020 (above) and Huawei P9 (below)


No surprise those phones were exception. The reason is obvious (It’s like a film which becoming a box-office hit because AR Rahman was associated in it)

In spite of all the “negatives“, the one and only positive thing is the convenience. Today’s smartphones shoot a lot better than what was possible 5 years back, which is a real improvement but still it can never be considered a replacement.

Nonetheless, the engineering which goes into achieving the best out of the compactness of a modern smartphone camera is still commendable.

If you are planning to print your photos, then you should forget that your smartphone has got a camera in it. The next time you are planning for some vacation trip or a function, remember to carry at least a point and shoot.

At least, that’s what it is designed to do. To take pictures, and yes even shoot videos.





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