What would happen if you ignore your oil change warning?

Whenever you start your car or even your bike, you would have seen some symbols lighting up around the speedometer dial. Those symbols are meant to tell you something about the vehicle, especially to warn you about a thing you should be aware of.

Excluding some basic symbols, most people usually don’t bother them, only to end up spending a lot on repairs later. In that regard, one of the most overlooked warnings is the “oil change” reminder.

Lubrication and heat removal is very crucial between two moving parts in contact, like gears, piston etc. There are a lot of fluids in a car or generally any vehicle which has its own function, but with the above functions as common.

In a vehicle, every fluid requires topping up or just a replacement at regular intervals for the effective functioning of the vehicle.

So, due to your negligence or some other reason, what would likely happen if your car or bike runs out of oil?

See for yourself in the video:

Credits: Fifthgear




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