Moto Z – the spectacular smartphone from the future.

We have been seeing a lot of new flagships being launched in the recent past.

Apple has finally figured out how to make its iPhone water and dust resistant, Google has a new phone ( called Pixel ) of its own which is unfortunately not based on “ARA” and 1+ is playing safe with Oneplus 3 and there are others like the HTC 10 etc.

While most of them were just about bumping up the specs and introducing minor changes (in some cases, significant changes like Samsung etc), there are other ones which brought in about significant innovations too, like the LG G5 and Moto Z.

Forget Project ARA, LG G5 was the first modular smartphone to be launched worldwide. When it was launched, it made great news given the new approach by LG. LG also had introduced some modules like an advanced camera and Hi-Res Bang and Olufsen audio. Great achievement!!!

Later, the american brand soon followed suit but surprisingly with a wide range of modules which moto calls “mods” unlike G5 which felt like it was still in development phase. Moto X has always been the best, known for running near stock version of android, a kind of all-rounder starting from the very first generation.

The latest Moto Z is a benchmark for the entire smartphone industry. Moto somehow manages to maintain a competitive price tag for a phone that feels like future.

So, what are these Moto mods?

They are devices that attach to the body of the phone, through strong magnets ( LG G5 used connector pins much like a laptop battery ), to deliver improved functionality.

Which mods are available?

  1. JBL stereo speakers, ©Lenovomoto-modo-jbl-soundboost-speaker-lenovo-launch-products
  2. A mini projector, ©PhonearenaMoto-Insta-Share-Projector-for-Moto-ZZ-Force.jpg
  3. A power pack, by Incipio, ©Motorolamot-mods-pdp-featureexpanded-2-card-1-incipio-power-pack-us-d05abg6sl.jpg
  4. Hasselblad zoom capable camera, ©Hasselbladfront-with-phone-1600x1120-500x350.jpg

Out of the above mods, the most noteworthy are the JBL and the Hasselblad ones. Both of them are pioneers in the respective industries ( audio and imaging ) for decades. It is commendable that brands like Moto colloborate with such giants to bring out such spectacular innovations.

Next time, you are planning to buy a smartphone for around 30k, don’t forget to have Moto Z in your list.


Featured image: ©Firstpost


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