TAMO and the fate of Indian car makers

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India, had always had just a few indigenous car makers.

Notably, even one of those was buried alive stating financial issues. You know what I mean.

I am finally satisfied and proud that India has its own sports car. A supercar. A racecar. Actually, by the renowned “Indian” automobile manufacturer, TATA.


© Indiacarnews

Nowadays, buying a new vehicle has become very complicated. That moment when a potential buyer gets spoilt with choices, reading reviews and going for test drives. Getting confused again. Back to the starting point. Well, its not the mistake of the buyer. Competition is to be blamed.

Most of the Foreign brands, almost all of them, even the new entrants have earned a repute for some of the most sought after cars. While we were busy welcoming them, well, we had every right to, we somehow forgot our own Indian brands.

We had spectacularly punished them, a lot of times in spite of their super affordable portfolio.

To name an example, the long forgotten ARIA.


© bestcarmag.com

Unfortunately or fortunately, we had the better performing or looking SUVs from competitors’ brands. With the purchase decision completely on our side, there was nothing much Indian brands can do.

Tata has not finally, but for the nth time, woken up. Each and every time, it had delivered us great cars to choose from. Starting from Vista, Manza and then Bolt, Zest and now, we have the Tiago and Tigor.


© Tata Motors


© Overdrive

Also, there is the HEXA.


© maxabout.com

So, coming to the recent offerings, both Tiago and Tigor are game-changing.

Tiago is already the best selling compact hatchback. Save for the Harman/Kardon music system. To add to that, Tiago also has an AMT, which is an Automated Manual Transmission. Tigor, the sub-4m compact sedan version of Tiago is expected to follow the same trend. Undoubtedly, it is the best design I have seen ever, when compared to the competitors.

So, why all of these?

I have been seeing people who are not even bothered to include Indian brands in their version of shortlist. So, that explains it. While you have the every right to choose the brand you like, it is worthy to emphasize and remind that Indian brands, not just Tata, are also equally good.

Buy Indian, preferably.

Thanks 🙂


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