Welcome back, Nokia

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Nokia has finally risen from the ashes. The story of Nokia is very similar to the previous story. It is unlikely that you would have not witnessed that, being the millennials. The entire thing was so popular. So miserable. For both us and them. The Finnish giant stopped manufacturing, excuse Microsoft, since 5 years.

What’s more pathetic, Nokia had then just developed an entirely new OS, called Meego. While the already existing Symbian was surely great to get things done, people ran towards the so called fascinating Android and iOS which emerged as new competitors.

Meego was better in all aspects and was much more advanced than the Android and iOS versions then (Froyo and Gingerbread). For example, Meego had tab switching which is essentially multi-tasking. So, thoughtful was the OS.

Meego – Nokia N9

Nokia always ran behind the User experience. Making things easier to use. Senior friendly. Keeping things, only which were really useful. They made phones which were meant to be phones and not a substitute for PC. Both Symbian and Meego were highly battery efficient. Meego could have been a runaway success. But it was done.

Later came in the ambitious Microsoft.

Even the windows phone was surely good. It had great features. Great battery life. Nokia’s build quality. But, the downside, it had a poor collection of apps compared to competition. Thank the reviewers.

Game over, 2015.

Things have changed a lot recently. Thankfully, Nokia is back with a bang with three Android smartphones. With one each belonging to Budget, Mid-range and Premium mid-range categories.

Meet the Nokia 3

Nokia 3

Nokia 5

Nokia 5

Nokia 6

Nokia 6

Unfortunately or fortunately, there are these YouTube reviewers and other websites, with only a handful of them writing genuine and technically sound reviews.

The rest of them?  I am sure they don’t even know what they are talking. When it comes to smartphones, for them, it’s all number game. There goes the unwritten rule, larger the numbers, better the performance. Practically, that’s not true.

A similar thing started happening post the launch of those Android smartphones stating the “value for money” aspect, making comparisons and terming that the entire lineup as under-powered for the price asked. Before making such statements, one has to remember that Nokia is the grand dad of phone industry, a company which launched the first one, 30 years back. That essentially means they know what they do, like what spec to be offered for sufficient performance. It is annoying to see smartphones with 6 GB of ram which is absolutely unnecessary. For any average user, 2 GB would be sufficient for best performance provided the software is optimized.

Both Android and iOS aren’t as efficient as them. The reason why getting a one day battery life is considered great and two days is out of the world.

Coming back to Nokia’s lesser known things which aren’t usually stressed by most reviewers.

      1. Clear black display

Even though the display technology has largely improved, sunlight legibility is still a problem. Nokia invented the “Clear black” technology which allows superior outdoor visibility. What’s so cool about that? As a modern smartphone user, you would know that the display is one of the most battery consuming. The only way to see outdoors is to bump up the brightness to near 100% (in other phones). But Nokia’s tech does that at even lower brightness levels (even at 50%). Yes, it’s a big deal. All the three phones have this tech.

     2. Polycarbonate

Nokia 3 has a polycarbonate back. That gives the so called reviewers good reason to say, “The competition has a metal body. Nokia is so mean, it has a plastic body”. If you are unaware of this plastic, Mind you, polycarbonate is as strong as a metal and is unbreakable*.

     3. Super-durable build quality

Previous Nokia phones have stood the test of time. Unlike other manufacturers who offer superior build only in the premium end, Nokia builds it into every phone it manufactures. The newer smartphones are no exception to that.

See the Nokia 6 surviving an extreme torture test.

    4. Camera

Nokia had always delivered us the best camera experience. No matter whether it was a 2 MP or a 41 MP. Likewise, in a camera test, the reviewer explains how well the Nokia 3310(with Galaxy S7) and Nokia 6 (with Oneplus) performs.

The smartphones have become a lot saturated. A lot of people have started realizing smartphones are not anymore making them smart but rather the opposite. Nokia proved this “fact” by re-launching Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310

The legendary and iconic phone is back with a modern flavor. The phone which was planned to be a limited quantity product, has supposedly received an unanticipated number of pre-orders, forcing Nokia to mass produce it. That speaks for itself. The mindset of people has changed and is changing.

For those people who are so obsessed with Value for Money, read this:

If you know what I mean…

Welcome back, Nokia.

Hear the nostalgic and legendary Nokia Tune (video)

Thanks 🙂


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