More than the “Essential”

Welcome, Andy Rubin. The inventor of Android. The founder and CEO of a startup who has re-imagined the next gen of smart phone technology.

While we appreciate the efforts of the new kid on the block, it is also important to remember that many others have also done the “re-imagining” thing before, but with very little success. To name a few, there are phones such as obi world phone, Turing phone, fair phone 2 etc.

obi Worldphone SF1
Turing Phone

So, you should be thinking, what’s so special about this one? Like, every other manufacturer has been trying to do the same re-imagine, re-inventing thing. Yes, but still Andy got so pissed off and decided to do something about what was supposedly wrong.

And how? He decided to come up with a new $699 android smartphone called the Essential PH-1, under the brand Essential Products Inc.

Essential PH-1

The phone boasts of a spectacular design, superior craftsmanship and intelligent software. Again, there are a lot of flagships which qualify for such a statement.

And not so surprisingly, what is so obvious about the phone is its flagship specs. To start with, it has the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, Gorilla Glass 5 protection, USB Type-C port with fast charging, MIMO WiFi, finger-print scanner and so on.

But wait, there is more. For the first time in its segment, this one has a titanium frame and a ceramic back.

By the way, titanium is the hardest known metal to occur naturally, which gives it an edge over all its competitors, as per the company

Titanium frame

The other standout design feature is the Dual rear camera. It feels so integrated into the phone’s body unlike the protruding one’s we are used of.

Dual rear camera, finger-print scanner and magnetic connectors

But also, the company has managed to introduce the first ever 360 degree camera in a smartphone, which connects magnetically.

360 degree camera

And for the next, edge to edge rounded QHD full display similar to the one on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and mi mix.

Rounded Edge to Edge display

It seems, Andy has also got other plans to completely differentiate his product from the rest of the competition. He is also developing a smart device something similar to the Google Home which runs on Ambient OS.

Essential Home – Ambient OS

Overall, The phone does make a lot of great first impressions and also looks very promising. To add to all this, Andy gives you every reason to convince you that whatever features you get is whatever you need, without making it look like a stunt. Andy’s effort is very promising and we hope this one takes off as expected.

Unfortunately, the phone is available only for US and is open for pre-orders now. If you have a friend in US and keen on buying one, you can get it through this link.

Thank you 🙂



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