Finally, we have a Red Apple!!!

Apple has got this so called unshakeable trust. Thank Steve Jobs. iPhone has grown not steadily, but exponentially from the very first phone from 2007. Until iPhone 4, which launched in 2010, there was nothing so dramatic though. Most of the competitors had an edge while people were just beginning to switch to the world of smartphones.

iPhone 4 was a game changer. So was the every Continue reading “Finally, we have a Red Apple!!!”

Welcome back, Nokia

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Nokia has finally risen from the ashes. The story of Nokia is very similar to the previous story. It is unlikely that you would have not witnessed that, being the millennials. The entire thing was so popular. So miserable. For both us and them. The Finnish giant stopped manufacturing, excuse Microsoft, since 5 years.

What’s more pathetic, Nokia had then just developed an entirely new OS, called Meego. While the already existing Continue reading “Welcome back, Nokia”